PSHE Filming

The on-going concerns regarding the health of children and young people of school age are now ever more prevalent with the government’s pledge to decrease the ratio of health inequalities in schools.

It is the expectation for all schools to deliver real benefits in respect of:



  • A coherent but flexible approach in working with young people to engage them in regular exercise
  • Building an endemic culture of enthusiasm for physical activity which in turn stimulates mental wellbeing
  • A strong awareness of the availability of, curriculum and post curriculum activities in the school environment
  • A high sensitivity to the preferences of parents and school governors allowing access to progress without restrictions
  • Immediate and visual recognition of expert knowledge held by teachers
  • A readiness to encourage the children and young people to be innovative in their adaptation of a healthy lifestyle

It would be a reasonable assumption to believe that schools are already subscribing to the healthy schools agenda, but their level of commitment is not as easily quantifiable.

Steps 8 Ltd offers the option for your video footage can be stored on your server as internal evidence such as;

  • Ofsted inspections
  • Healthy Schools Awards
  • In-school training
  • Professional development

Viewed on the display screen in the schools reception area, or on the schools web-site.

This footage will act as evidence to reinforce the root principles of your schools PSHE provision.
The video footage will capture and provide an important supplement to the four principal themes of the National Healthy Schools Programme which consists of (PSHE) Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education. The views and understanding of children, young people and teaching staff, to healthy eating, physical activity, and emotional health and well-being will become more evident with the application of this exciting info-tool.

With the advent of the multimedia capabilities of websites via the likes of YouTube, Facebook and others, online video is rapidly becoming the popular medium of choice to presenting information to a wide audience. With this in mind, we recognise the responsibility for your school to actively endorse the standards of PSHE in a fun and interactive way that will add another dimension to your school profile.

The professionally filmed evidence of your PSHE provision will essentially be a standalone web page that will be designed to compliment your existing school website.

Key features:

  • Professionally designed web page (branded with your school logo)
  • Footage can be stored on your server as internal evidence
  • Built-in playlist of video clips showcasing dance performances and activities in your school
  • Interactive comments board for pupils to post feedback testimonials relating to their participation in the dance/fitness activities
  • Practical participation from the children
  • The interactive learning experience


Simply call us to book a session for any of our dance and fitness activities for your school. We will film the performances / activities (subject to parental consent) and professionally edit the footage.

Alternatively you may choose the option of the children conducting the filming process under the guidance of our Steps 8 tutor.

This footage will act as evidence to reinforce your schools commitment to the root principles of your PSHE provision.

The option is available for the footage to be viewed on the display screen in the schools reception area, or on the schools web-site.

We will produce full instructions on how to implement the upload for the school website.

Pricing: POA