Over 50’s Excercise

ExtraCare Pannel Croft Zumba April 2016

Physical Activity Sessions for the Over 50’s.

Background to Physical Activity

Participation in regular physical activity has many benefits for people aged over 50. Physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of general ill health. Appropriate physical activity can also assist people to self-manage chronic conditions. Participating in group physical activity programs also provides social benefits, such as meeting new people and having fun.

Balance training is an essential element of exercising for people aged 50 and over.  High level balance exercises and other gentle exercises which challenge balance are effective, and have many other benefits such as increased mobility and confidence.

Being active throughout life will assist people to continue to carry out their daily activities and maintain their independence and quality of life.

Aims and objectives

To increase the number of physical activity opportunities for people aged 50 and over

Over 50’s Armchair Zumba/Aerobics Session

The hour long Zumba class is an easier version of Zumba Fitness that is suitable for all fitness levels. Great choice for seniors and beginners, or anyone that that prefers a lower intensity, lower impact workout. Great fun, good cardio. Join the party!

Senior Aerobics Cardio Sessions

Senior Aerobics Cardio is an aerobics class designed for seniors. Enhance your cardiovascular health with low impact & heart healthy movements that are gentle on the joints.